delivers unique and original images to each and every customer, which means that it is not possible to resell the images to another buyer.

You do not have a right of cancellation or an automatic right of return for goods that have been manufactured to the consumer's specifications, or that have been given a distinct personal touch, so-called made-to-order purchases. Section 23 subsection 4 of the Consumer Purchase Act.
We therefore have no general right of withdrawal as the images are specially adapted to each purchase. If, as expected, you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can contact us at mail@postertales.noand describe what you are not satisfied with.

In the event of a return, you must pay for the shipment yourself and the product must be delivered in the same condition as you received it, with original packaging from

Return of products is sent to:

Poster Tales AS - Vennersborgveien 26, 0281 Oslo